Weather to Ride or Write

I confess—I’m now a fair weather rider. Yesterday the sun broke through the fog about noon. I jumped out of my desk chair to look at Willa through the window. She grazed in the warming sun. I’d go ride her, but first I’d finish my rewrite of that chapter. Uh, huh, yeah ride.

The mountains and rocks of my chapter loomed up to block my way out of that valley of a rewrite. Those stumbling blocks corralled my thoughts. My fingers kept riding the keyboard at a plodding pace, not flying as usual. Would that plot road ever offer a smooth ride?

By 3:00 p.m. the temperature had climbed to 60 degrees on our electronic weather station. It’s mounted on the round corral fence—right out there in full sun. Willa stood dozing in the warmth. Just a write bit more, I told myself as I watched her, then go ride. Half an hour later I looked up from my desk to see the fog creeping back up the valley. I still hadn’t finished that rewrite. Tomorrow we’ll ride, I promised myself, while feeding Willa an apple with her alfalfa.

During the night the fog furled in even thicker—a very wet fog. By noon today it had lifted only as far as the river. For today, that seems as much as the fog will thin. The temperature stalled out at 37 degrees. While Willa, the horse who won’t go in the barn, probably doesn’t mind the temperature, I’m not sure I want to brave temps in the thirties to go ride—even with my down vest and Carhardt jacket. Looks like I’m not riding today.

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13 Responses to Weather to Ride or Write

  1. Jeanne Jusaitis says:

    Brrrrrrrr . . . I don’t blame you for not going on a ride. Poor Willa. At least you’re getting some writing under your belt. Good on you.


  2. Robin,
    This is a beautiful, evocative piece. I love the lyricism with which you wrote and reflected on the writer’s dilemma in choosing between writing and the other things of life that call to us. I hope that you & Willa will ride out into the sunshine soon. Then, you may be more charged up to tackle that re-write.


  3. Debra Link says:

    Robin, I enjoyed reading your short story. Your a talented writer! Looking forward to riding with you and RETR group. Tiarra has come along way with her group training. Hugs, Debra Link


  4. onthebit says:

    You have been awarded the “Stylish Blogger Award”. Please come by my blog ( to pick it up.


  5. I’m afraid I can be a fair weather rider and the longer it gets between rides, the harder it is to getting me back into it, although I am so glad when I do.


    • Ah yes for sunshine! Boo to the winter blahs, although I do appreciate the rain.
      When we’ve not been riding for a while I lunge the mare and do some ground work first. That helps us both get back in shape first.


  6. Beth Barany says:

    Robin, Riding vs. Writing! Hmmm. What a conflict! (And a juicy topic!) I hope you’ve gotten some riding time since you wrote this post!


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