Broccoli Cheese Soup, Mmm, Mmm

20191227_171236Robin’s Broccoli Cheese Soup:
Here are my preferences. Maybe you make it another way? 
The photo above also shows added chopped ham.


Over boiling water:

Melt 3TBS butter (not margarine) in top of double boiler

Add ¼ C. flour + salt & pepper to taste, stir with the butter until smooth

Gradually add 2 C. chicken broth, stirring occasionally,

As sauce starts to thicken stir in 1 C. milk, keep stirring

Add 1 C. cream or half & half, stirring


I prefer using block cheese, rather than pre-shredded.

Shred Cheddar and Jack cheese in food processor

Need 2 C. shredded cheddar

& 2 C. Jack cheese

Gradually add cheese, no more than 1C. at a time, stir frequently while the cheese melts

Add ¼ C. Parmesan cheese


While stirring the sauce and adding the cheese, cook 2 lbs.  fresh Broccoli florets. I microwave them. (About 5 min.)  Cook al dente—don’t over cook.

Place Broccoli in food processor with blade. Pulse until chopped. I like to leave a few larger chunks of broccoli.


After sauce is thickened and broccoli has been chopped:

Turn off the heat.

Drain water from bottom of double boiler and use that pan for mixing up the soup.

Add chopped broccoli to the kettle, pour in and stir in the cheese sauce.

May be served immediately, or cool and then refrigerate, covered.


Makes about 2 quarts, or five 2 C. servings. (I prefer generous sized servings of soup.) Takes about ½ hour to 40 min. to prep and prepare.


Variations: Substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth. I’ve even substituted one C. of beef broth in place of one C. of chicken broth.  Reduce the amount of milk or cream if desired. Vary the types of cheeses. Add leftover diced ham (about one & one half cups.)







My favorite ingredients for this soup:

Bag of fresh Broccoli from Costco

Sharp Cheddar

Jack Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

Chicken broth (could use a veggie broth instead)


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  1. Arlene Miller says:

    YUM!!! Sounds really good!


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