An Elf’s Day Off (a work in progress)

Coming along well! Keep writing.

M.L. Millard Books and Writing


Chapter One

When you think of elves in the North Pole,  you probably think of toymaking. The truth is that elves do many jobs in the North Pole, and Gildy worked at the post office.
Sorting mail is really a one-elf job, but elves are social creatures, and Gildy sometimes wished she had someone to talk to while she worked. The reindeer dropped by once in a while, but her hours were mostly solitary, prereading letters from children and tossing anything addressed to “occupant” and anything that smacked of adults trying to pass themselves off as children. An addition to the house indeed!
“Santa will get right on that,” Gildy grumped as she tossed the request in the trash.
She put requests for soccer balls, phones, ukuleles, and dollhouses in a red velvet bag and lugged the bag to the sled outside. As it was…

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