About Robin Cleary Moore

Robin Cleary Moore writes books that develop kids’ love of reading and horses. She grew up on horseback and writes from the seat of her saddle.

She has published two short stories through the Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club. Gabriel’s Opinions was published in 2009 Vintage Voices Cent’Anni: May you live 100 years, edited by Karen Batchelor and Catharine Bramkamp. Gilda Loves Seymour was published in the 2010 Vintage Voices Words Poured Out, edited by Karen Batchelor. Both anthologies are available through http://redwoodwriters.org/ or through Amazon.com.

Currently she’s rewriting Addie’s Wish,  a novel for middle grades students, with horses as a primary subject. Next up for rewrite is Lost In Shanghai, a YA novel. She lives on a small ranch in N. California.

In addition to writing about horses in this blog, she features articles about writing and other writers’ works.


39 Responses to About Robin Cleary Moore

  1. Jeanne Jusaitis says:

    Congratulations Robin. Your blog is beautiful and very professional looking. Your learning curve is traveling at warp speed. I’m impressed. Will you be posting any of your stories here?


  2. Valerie Kasnick says:

    I’m impressed!!! Congratulations! This must have been a big job and you’ve done very well.


  3. Barb says:

    Hi! Loe your new website! Talk about professional! I’ll try and keep up on it, but can’t make promises. It is fun to watch/hear you progress. 🙂


  4. Great looking site, Robin. I’ll try to follow along.


  5. Robin,
    Your picture is beautiful, hypnotic–in a good way!
    I want to curl up for a long winter’s nap.


  6. dressage rider says:

    Hi Robin,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and I thought I’d return the favor. What books have you written? You should add a page to your blog listing them if they’re available for sale.


    • That’s a great idea. Thanks, Lee!
      Now I’m doing yet another rewrite of my first kids’ horse novel, (Addie’s Wish-working title). When that rewrite is done, I’ll do one more professional edit, and then hope to publish it later this year. (I have 3 in the Addie novel series so far.)
      Also have a YA novel set in Shanghai in 1920–but that too is on a back burner while I finish Addie’s rewrite.
      Have published a couple of short stories in Vintage Voices, the anthology for the Redwood Writers (a branch of the CA. Writers Club.) Guess I’ll go ahead & make up your suggested page listing those.

      You can find me on Facebook as Robin Moore (photo shown on the dun mare.)


  7. I never thought you were a girl. Its a bit cool you know, having a passion for horses. I rarely see them here, in the streets.


    • Thanks, for checking out my blog, Ben!
      Yes, indeed I have the horse fever and writing fever, and have had them all my life.
      I’m sure glad to see you have joined us other writers in tackling creativity through writing.


  8. Bong Redila says:

    Hi Robin,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. And to answer your question, Yes I do draw horses too sometimes when I needed them. 🙂


    • I LOVE your drawings for the kids books, Bong, especially the giant peering into the tree. What talent!
      I’ll keep you in mind when one of my writer friends asks about possible artists/illustrators for picture books.
      I do have a picture book idea, but have been busy with rewriting my novels.


  9. binakapoor says:

    Now where is your FOLLOW button dear…..Bina from India…breaking ice with ya! Hope to break bread together someday.


  10. Took a look at the Redwood Writers group, looks great Robin. How is your YA novel progressing? And did you finish Addies Wish? Nice to make contact with a writer across the ocean.


    • Hi ButterflyHeart!
      Yes, Addie’s Wish is finished, but am still going through editing & revisions. You know the old saying–good writing is rewriting. Now that I’ve finished my 2 & 1/2 years long editor job for Redwood Writers I can have more time to work on Addie’s revision #__?_Really lost track of how many revisions I’ve been through. My goal is to finish all revisions this year.


  11. Hi Robin, Thanks so much for sharing my blog. You have won this week’s competition of a copy of my novel, The Jerusalem Puzzle, posted to you. Please email me lob@yourasms.com with a postal address and the book will be sent out. All the best with your writing and for all of 2013.


  12. Thank you, Laurence! I’m thrilled i won the autographed copy of The Jerusalem Puzzle. I hope more American readers and writers will soon discover your books. I know I certainly enjoyed reading The Istanbul Puzzle.


    • jeannejusaitis says:

      I meant to get back to you about this. Congratulations . . . you are well respected among many writers and bloggers . . . and well deserved. I’m glad that you won the book. See you manana. Jeanne PS I’m going over to stay at my sister’s because my heater went out yesterday. I’ve never been so cold!!!


  13. jackiemallon says:

    Looks like you have an admirable and active little writing community over there, and horses too! Jealous from NYC!


  14. Hey Robin from California 🙂 I love horses too. But somehow I couldn’t get myself to ride on them. I think the bridles hurt them.


  15. Hello Anuja,
    I can’t imagine not riding since I’ve been doing it all my life.
    The bridles? No, the problem is people with poor hands that hurt through the bridles. The riders need to be trained to use the lightest finger pressure. It’s also possible to ride without bridles but by using a traditional Spanish style jaquima (hackamore,) which is a braided noseband. Many young Western horses are started that way. I have a photo (somewhere) of my Gracie using a hackamore. I’ll try to find it.


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