Anything Goes Frittata

I first tasted frittata on a trail ride with the Redwood Empire Trail riders. My friend, Mary Ottoboni, made a simple frittata that was especially inspiring to me before we hit the trail that morning. Yum!

I’ve been experimenting with making frittatas ever since I enjoyed Mary’s breakfast special. Here’s my home spun recipe:

Anything Goes Frittata:
This works well because you may use whatever happens to be in your fridge along with the eggs and milk.

I use a slightly smaller than 8 by 11 baking dish, with light coat of cooking spray or touch of butter. Makes about 8 servings.

Start with the baking dish loaded with fresh spinach—I fill it right up to the top before adding the eggs, etc. (See photo. I have used other veggies on occasion, but spinach is my favorite for frittata. Suit yourself with how many veggies to use.)

Sprinkle Cooked Sausage or Bacon over the spinach. If you prefer, skip adding any meat.

About 5 or 6 slices of bacon, broken up works for me. (Variations: I have used two chopped chicken sausages  or about one C. of diced ham. On occasion, I have also added chopped salami and a small taste of marinara sauce.)

In a bowl mix the following:

10 eggs, break the yokes then stir with the following:
1 to 2 C milk or Half and Half.

Add about 3 tablespoons of Artichoke-Jalapeno dip (from Costco. If you dare!) You may also choose to add dabs of cream cheese or skip either of these.
Sometimes I add around 2 Tbs. of sour cream

Seasoning to taste: Salt, pepper, minced onion, slight splash of garlic.

Pour egg mixture over the spinach & meat. (Also good without breakfast meats.)

Sprinkle on about one C shredded cheese. (Your choice.)

Bake at 350 degrees. My oven is slow, so it takes about 45 min. If you’re using fewer vegetables, eggs or milk, adjust the time. Some online recipes suggest 35 min.

Let the frittata cool about 10 min on a rack before cutting. This easily reheats the next day. Enjoy!

This variation was baked in a pie pan
and included bits of ham.

Thank you, Mary Ottoboni for the inspiration!

Robin Moore

P.S.  A pie pan or cast-iron skillet works just as well too. Just use fewer eggs, etc.

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2 Responses to Anything Goes Frittata

  1. arlenemiller504945527 says:

    It sounds yummy, but you didn’t take my edits. Well, maybe you did. I forget what I did, but it is certainly fridge and not frig! 🙂


  2. Thanks, Arlene. Knew I could count on you!


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