Tech vs. Horse Play

Arrrgh! It’s necessary for tech updates around here. But I’d much rather be out playing with the horses and dog.

The horses look quite fit on their winter pasture near the coast. Here’s Gracie and her buddy Mustang Argo out on about 250 acres with no added feed or supplements. Barb and Clara took me out to their ranch a week ago to check out and love on the horses. (Yes, Clara is expecting soon.)
Ahh, there’s nothing like hoofing it around the hills to keep in shape.

Keeping in shape with tech changes around here isn’t so simple though. First, Kevin’s six year old cell phone burst out of its back cover. Yeah, it did. My phone was just plain dying without a constant battery charge, so two new phones came home with us last week. Oh! Then there’s the woes of updating the computers around here at the same time.

Double arrgh! Now where’s that horse? Where’s the dog? I’d much rather go play with them.

Eventually I will grasp using our new technology. It started out with updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10. That worked fine on my new laptop three years ago when it was necessary to install 10. However, the laptop was mainly for my reading pleasure (?) while watching the news, playing here on WordPress, and checking out social media, etc. It was not planned for forays into serious writing. So my skills in learning the Windows 10 software are sorely lacking. Adding to the new tech woes, it became necessary to replace both of our desktop computers. (Mine had been around since 2007.) The slippery slope of tech replacement became worse.

If you look closely way out in the middle of this side hill you’ll see Gracie and Argo looking barely bigger than a couple of ducks. You might say they have plenty of room in those hills.

I suppose it’s not such a rough hill to climb in technology if one has a tech handy 14 year old in the house. Sigh. We don’t. But we’ll get through these changes.
In the mean time, I can still pretend I’m out with the horses and the dog.

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3 Responses to Tech vs. Horse Play

  1. Arlene Miller says:

    I admire your tech bravery!

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  2. Jeanne Jusaitis says:

    I get it. I’ll avoid tech struggles at any cost. A horse and a dog are legitimate excuses. Loved the way you tied it all together.

    Liked by 1 person

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