Shelter in Place, Week 3

I say we use the Vulcan sign instead of handshakes.
Am also going to reblog your post to my blog page. My Covid-19 SIP confinement has left me feeling happy with a lot of laziness, including writing for my blog.

M.L. Millard Books and Writing

Depression. I have struggled with it for a long time, and I’m kind of surprised it’s not worse than it is now. I have done what I can. Daily walks, zoom chats, and practicing my instrument as if the world is going to resume business as usual someday and I can gig again.

Some people really miss hugs. That’s not what I miss. I miss chats that aren’t being recorded. I miss going to my mom’s house or my sister’s house or a long walk with a friend and saying what I really think without fear of those words getting to the wrong person. We’re all a little more careful on Zoom. Well, not all. Last week I was talking to someone and they said something about a leader of a country that made me nervous. I almost wanted to add “May he live forever,” just to be safe.


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