Post a Week 2011

Happy New Year! I decided to accept the Word Press challenge to post once a week during 2011. My original intent with my blog was  to post once every two weeks. Let’s go for the once a week goal. Some of these posts will be on horses and riders; others will focus on writing and how we communicate.

About robinofrockridge

I write books for kids.
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9 Responses to Post a Week 2011

  1. Ruby Slater says:

    Good luck, Robin! I think it’ll be fun 🙂



  2. Great idea, Robin. I started out with once a week but stuck with my Christmas poem for the week before and after. Monday, I’ll get back on schedule with a oner! Looking forward to the challenge.


  3. Oh Robin,

    That’s a big challenge to post every week. I’ll take that pledge with you. I was told that in order to show in Google stats, your post must be over 500 words.
    I like your blog. I was a horse lover before I was a dog lover.

    Happy trails & tales,


    • Thanks, Deborah!
      You can always ask others to “guest blog” sometimes for you. There’s lots to be shared out there!
      As for the 500 words & Google stats, I don’t know. My feeling is that people are BUSY and don’t have time to read or respond to long posts. Who’s got time to read a dozen or more blogs a day of 500 + words each? And then to give long responses to each? I think we’d be better off working more on our non-blog writing instead.
      Horse lovers and dog lovers seem to be one & the same, huh? I’m looking forward to reading your dog savers mysteries!


  4. Deborah says:

    Hey Robin,
    Yes, I agree that writers can read a dozen blogs and still get the really writing done. I’m all for getting our stories on the page and out into the world.

    I keep trying to subscribe to your blog and because I’m a WordPress user, this should be simple. NOT. I’ll keep trying.
    Plus WP states that my Gravatar will show up when I post to another WP site and I don’t see that either. I did find a way to link to your site!


  5. Deborah says:

    Oops! The word is “can’t” 😀


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