Lewis Buzbee workshop/writing for kids & more

Here’s a message from Jeanne Miller for anyone interested in writing for kids, or those who want to know more about writing fiction. (WE NEED MORE HORSE STORIES FOR KIDS! –Robin)

Dear Redwood Community,

I’d like to encourage you to sign up for the Winter Workshop with Lewis Buzbee on Saturday, Feb. 5th in Petaluma. The title, Writing for Young Readers (and more!) may have dissuaded you if you are not a YA writer.

 GREAT NEWS:  Writing for younger readers requires the same skills and expertise as any other well-crafted genre. YA is only Lewis’s most recent success. He will tailor his presentation to meet our needs.

 Lewis is a professor in the MFA program at USF, a multi-faceted author who has published novels, memoir, non-fiction, essays and history—all for adult readers. I urge you to check out his website: http://web.me.com/buzbeebooks/Site/Yellow_Lighted_Bookshop.html

 Without enough participants, I regret to tell you we will have to cancel. I hope you won’t let this be a missed opportunity.

Sign up: http://redwoodwriters.org/series-workshop/workshops/

 And while you’re at it, join us for Beyond the Plot too.


Jeanne Miller

About robinofrockridge

I write books for kids.
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8 Responses to Lewis Buzbee workshop/writing for kids & more

  1. Charles says:

    I’m not familiar with Lewis, but his website sparks my interest and he has been successful writing novels for kids. I was also immediately impressed by his book titles that include the names, Steinbeck, Mark Twain and Charles Dickens.


  2. Thanks, Charles!
    I bought & read Steinbeck’s Ghost, Lewis Buzbee’s YA novel, and found it to be a story boys will like.


  3. Sandy Baker says:

    We are lucky to be having such a successful kids’ author here for this program–there aren’t many kid-focused writing workshops right in this area. I’m interested that he’s written successfully for both children’s and adults’ markets. Same good writing skills required, just different target markets.


  4. Jeanne Jusaitis says:

    It will be great to hear someone that is not only a successful author but who also has the perspective of a bookseller from a traditional publishing house. We don’t often get workshops for authors in these genres (Children/YA), so I hope that this one has lots of sign-ups. Maybe we’ll start getting more.


  5. HI Robin and others,
    I’m looking forward to meeting Lewis Buzbee and learning from him I also want to pick his brain about using the Steinbeck characters in his work for I my WIP has something similar to it. Must get my checkbook out and put it to work.


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