The Hayride

The Hayride

© Sandy Baker 2010

Bobby begged me to go on a hayride

Though I swore we had no relationship.

Romance is what he was hoping for

But that’s the last thing I wanted from him.


Hay piled onto an eighteen-wheeler,

No old-fashioned wagon with horses.

We could get cuddly and cozy, he said,

Just like the other couples . . . oh, sure!


Bobby was a Zac-looking cowboy

Who always wore boots and blue jeans.

Felt hat pulled down over close-cropped blond hair,

His blue eyes drilling straight into me.


He competed in calf roping events

When we hit the horse shows and rodeos.

But he didn’t do himself any favors

With his big-Bubba swagger and bravado.


Such a crisp autumn night for the hayride

With some frost and chill settling in.

He was shocked when he saw my warm blanket,

No excuse to pull me close to him.


The other couples were sure staying tight.

I could hear only murmurs and kisses.

This ornery dude ignored all my signals

And his moves were strictly all misses.


The million stars shone especially bright

As Bobby’s eagerness became consternation.

I played amateur astronomer that night,

Naming every heavenly constellation.


Thank you to Sandy Baker, one of my wonderful writing critique partners, for permission to use her poem The Hayride in my blog. See Sandy’s website at:  


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7 Responses to The Hayride

  1. Thank you, Sandy, for permission to post your poem The Hayride in my blog. Your poems are always so vivid!


  2. HI Robin and Sandy,
    This is a delightful poem. I remember a couple of delicious hayrides in wagons…you’ve brought back nice memories, sweet as the hay.


  3. Thank you, Arletta. I’m sure Sandy will be glad to hear you enjoyed The Hayride.


  4. Jeanne Jusaitis says:

    I think that this horsey, romantic, sensual poem has found a good stable in Robin’s blog where it can be admired and savored by the dudes and dudettes. Makes me wish I were a horse girl.


  5. Thank you, Jeanne! Clever wording from you, as usual! I’m sure Sandy will appreciate your comments too.


  6. This poem brought a smile to my face.


  7. Thanks, Jennifer!
    I hope you had a chance to look at Sandy Baker’s website (link above). She’s one of my good friends and a critique partner for our writing. She’ll have a kids’ picture book out VERY soon.


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