Breaking The Rules and Playing Hooky

Here I am on Gracie on our first ride together. This is why I've been breaking all the "good blogging" rules and not posting on thecomputer. We've been playing hooky from the electronics life. Sorry, Facebook& blogging. You'll have to wait.


About robinofrockridge

I write books for kids.
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9 Responses to Breaking The Rules and Playing Hooky

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your priorities are right on target. You two look great together. Happy trails! Jennifer


  2. Oh, the life of a real cowgirl! Have a refreshing time, Robin, and come back to the computer when you are ready!


  3. Jeanne Jusaitis says:

    Keep playing hookey while the weather’s good. Gracie looks like she’s loving it.


  4. writersandy says:

    Good looking horse! Many times I’ve thought I’d much rather be playing hooky on a horse than looking at my monitor and keyboard!


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