On The Wrong Track

Here’s a book review I wrote back in 2010. A most amusing must read!

Product Details

On The Wrong Track by Steve Hockensmith finds Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer working as professionals “detectifying” for the Southern Pacific Railroad in the year 1893.

Instead of horseback, the cowboys-turned-detectives find themselves trapped on a thousand tons of steam-driven steel barreling down the Sierras en route to San Francisco. Train robbers have other plans for the ill fated run over the mountains. Deep secrets are hidden in the baggage car and Big Red and Old Red have to find a killer hidden among the colorful passengers. Old Red is befuddled by pretty Miss Caveo who is somewhat of a detective in her own right. Luckily, his brother Big Red has no problem with the gift of gab. But will he talk too much? On board the train, the brothers take on the assumed last name of Holmes. They take the name claiming to be cousins of the great Sherlock Holmes. Will they be found out? Throughout the story Big Red’s cowboy humor puts a unique twist on this steam-driven journey. What a ride.—Robin Moore

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4 Responses to On The Wrong Track

  1. Robin, a great review of what seems to be a great and entertaining book.


  2. Thanks for that review, Robin. I’d forgotten all about Steve Hockinsmith. I read his “Holmes on the Range” a few years ago and laughed out loud. It was the perfect gift for my friend’s husband who is a “reluctant reader”. . . macho yet very silly and light. It’s also got that whole detective thing going, so that mystery lovers will get a kick out of it too. A great dessert book.


  3. Thanks, Jeanne! Yes it is a very funny book.
    I bought all four of his books in the cowboy detectives series.


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