Odd Month Readings

Come to the next Redwood Writers ODD MONTH READING. It will be held in Cloverdale at the city library on Sat. March 10th, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Either read some of your poems or prose, or just come enjoy others’ readings. FREE!!! The theme for this OMR is Spring Fever, but readings don’t have to relate to the theme. We’d especially like to have students and seniors join us with some of their writings or poetry. Each person will have about 5 minutes to read aloud in the Pat Hare Room at the Cloverdale Library. We’ll also welcome Spanish speaking readers. Anyone may sign-up to read. The only stipulation is that it be the author or poet’s OWN WORK. Early sign-ups appreciated. Sign up at omr@redwoodwriters.org

I’m not sure exactly how many years the Odd Month Readings have been going on in Sonoma County. I’ve read some of my fiction for middle grades students and young adults at several of the OMR events. These events rotate around the county at the public libraries. Redwood Writers branch of the California Writers Club has been sponsoring the OMR readings for as long as I’ve been a member. I’ve been a member for about six years now. I believe the OMR’s were going on before I joined. At first Ann Wilkes, a science fiction writer, hosted the Odd Month Readings for the Redwood Writers. Wilkes is the author of the fun space-opera Awesome Lavratt. She is working on another space-opera featuring Horace. (Personally, I can’t wait until her next novel comes out–and I’m not even a Sci-Fi reader! Awesome Lavratt is that good!) Then fellow Redwood Writers member Jeane Slone took over the mic for running the OMR events. Slone is the author of She Flew Bombers and She Built Ships During WWII. Currently she’s working on a 3rd novel in the series. ( LOVE her strong female characters from WWII!) In a few months another RW member will take over the helm of the Odd Month Readings, giving Jeane Slone a break. The next facilitator will be Tami Casias. She wrote Crystal Bound, a YA novel, and is working on two more novels in the series. (I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading her novels. But will soon!)

I do hope you’ll attend the next Odd Month Reading and enjoy a few hours of literary delights.

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