Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  1. What is it? After several “guesstimates” via FB, we decided this dark irridescent greenish black foot belonged to a raven or crow. Found it behind our house one day. I’m guessing the owls dropped it as they flew off with their supper.


  2. knudsens says:

    That was very unusual. Looks like something out of a horror movie or something.


    • Thanks, Mark! Yes, it does (did) look like something from a horror movie. Finally had to return it back to mother nature when it started to mildew.
      Enjoyed your “unusual” photo on your blog. Sounds like quite the experience!


  3. Nicola Kirk says:

    Freddie Kruger has asked if he could have his hand back please… 🙂


  4. Not sure where you live, but in England, we have water birds called “coots”. The adults have very strange looking, semi-webbed white feet – Google “coot foot” in images to get an idea – but the chicks have black feet. Your photo looks similar.
    Don’t know if this link will work, but there’s a picture I found at http://www.realmonstrosities.com/2011/09/coot-chick.html
    They’re not the cutest babies, but check out the feet of the fifth and sixth pictures down ….


    • Thanks, Alice. We’re in northern California. Don’t recall seeing such a bird here. The “coot” link you shared IS a cute little baby bird…..until we get to its feet! You’re right! Very similar feet to the one I found. Our best guess on the bird foot I found is that it is from a raven or crow.


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