Life With Horses

Gracie chases motorcycles. Yes, you read that right, she chases motorcycles and four-wheelers. Which leads to another interesting aspect of life with horses. I knew about the four-wheeler gig. Kevin and I would go over onto the neighbor’s 200+ acres to check on the horses in the wintertime. They learned to come running when they saw us. You know, the old carrots in the bucket trick. For fun, Gracie would run along after the four-wheeler just like she was running with another horse. Willa would join the run. We’d all stop at the flat spot not too far up the hill.

Loren came home from classes today on his Buell 750. Gracie picked up the pursuit and ran up the driveway until he parked the bike in the garage. Next time he goes out I’ll have to be ready with the camera or video to catch her in action. It is my guess that being young, energetic and of cutting horse bloodlines, she thinks “Oh boy, let’s chase the cow.” (Her cohort in crime, Willa, also taught her to herd wild turkeys.)

"Not MY hoofprints in the pumpkins!"

“Who, me? I didn’t step in the pumpkins!” Gracie’s look of innocence.

So, come noontime today I go out to hand water the tomato plants and the pumpkin starts. What do I find? Two hoof prints in the started pumpkins tray! Here they are:

The evidence is probably stuck in the front shoes of one of the horses. I wonder which one carries the remains of squished pumpkin starts. This also reminds me that after trail riding season (summer) maybe Gracie and I will be pursuing cow-horse training. Or possibly we’ll take up motorcycle racing–after all quarter horses are known for their sprinter’s speed. Although pumpkin rolling might be interesting.

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8 Responses to Life With Horses

  1. Hi Robin,
    I bet you thought you were done with child-raising, hmmm? They are beautiful and have such great character. Nice picture opportunities, right?


  2. Kathy Moore says:

    Hahaha! Love it. 🙂


  3. Super fun and frustrating for a gardener’s heart (I trying to catch up on vegetable and melon planting), your story made me laugh. Pets do need parents. Some just defy all rules, others are too big for their horse shoes.


    • Thanks for the fun comment, Deborah! And the “like.” Yes, and Gracie eats marigolds too. I didn’t think anything, including the deer, would eat marigolds. So far, no flowers planted yet for this spring. Horses are on “fire patrol” around the yard–eating as much grass as possible. Hopefully, they won’t sample the tomato plants which are already in the ground.


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