Word Press Workshop

Am at Word Press Worshop today taught by Blake Webster for RedwoodWriters.org. Woo hoo! Looking forward to learning more about Word Press from Blake!

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I write books for kids.
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3 Responses to Word Press Workshop

  1. And, so, did you? What is it about RW techie sessions that the internet connection goes kabluooey? Sure makes it hard on teachers and students.


  2. Robin Moore says:

    Yes! Learned to follow along on the paper & watch the screen. Will help to download Blake’s Power Pt. pdf too. Yes, internet was sketchy. Had it back & forth a few times. Thanks for the comment, Arletta! Hope you learned something too!


    • That’s a pretty lame answer I gave. I really did learn much more about widgets, more about photos & downloads. Blake is a very patient teacher. Hope he’ll do that class or similar again.


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