Open Mic Featured Poet

Juanita J. MartinAt the October 27th Open Mic reading hosted by Redwood Writers, poet Juanita J. Martin was our featured reader. Juanita read from her new book of poetry The Lighthouse Beckons. Juanita is a multitalented writer who often does freelance work, but her poetry is where her talent shines. She has won numerous awards for her poetry and became the Fairfield’s first poet laureate, 2010-2012. Her poetry has been featured in Blue Collar Review, SoMa Literary Review, Rattlesnake Review and the Bay Area Poets Review. She is a member of the Ina Coolbrith Circle, Redwood Writers branch of the California Writers Club, Marin Poetry Center and Benecia First Tuesday Poets. Juanita is also a poetry slam champion. Juanita served over four years on the Board of Directors for the Redwood Writers, in many capacities giving her time and energy to the organization. She continues to support them as the Poetry Editor of their popular newsletter, The Redwood Writer.

I hope you’re soon blessed with hearing Juanita’s powerful poetry in person, or at least able to read some of her work. In her book she expressed grateful acknowledgement to Al Young, California Poet Laureate 2005-2008, for his words of praise. She also thanked Redwood Writers for their professional relationships and friendships.


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5 Responses to Open Mic Featured Poet

  1. This is a lovely profile of Juanita! Thanks, Robin.


  2. We are so fortunate to have Juanita Martin in Redwood Writers. She’s a talented person with a big heart.


  3. Thank you, Arletta & Jeanne! Yes, Juanita is such a treasure for RW & all of us.


  4. A beautiful post for a beautiful poet, thanks Robin for featuring Juanita on your blog. Family issues have pull me away, just as I entered SoCo Coffee house that day. I hope to have the pleasure of buying Juanita’s book and asking her to sign it.


  5. Thanks, Deborah! Juanita’s book is at SoCo on the shelves.


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