Writing Lesson or Riding Lesson?

Writing or riding with Thonie:

Thonie Hevron Author

At long last, INTENT TO HOLD is “finished”. Still lots to do: edits, queries, cover art, contest submissions and so on. But I was able to scrape enough time together (okay, I passed on a paddle down the Petaluma River with my hubby) to ride my horse yesterday.

On St. Patrick’s Day this past March, my old boy turned 30. That’s not an extremely advanced age but it makes him quite the senior equine citizen around the ranch. Casey (his registered name if Patrick O’Zeem) is a big, old dark bay (dark brown) Thoroughbred gelding. He has the heart of a saint and an incredible work ethic. My hubby calls him “Chester” because he’s a horse nerd—he just keeps going and going. He loves to trot but his favorite is a good canter.


Yesterday, we were plodding around in an arena. I settled into the saddle, consciously thinking about…

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3 Responses to Writing Lesson or Riding Lesson?

  1. Thanks for posting this, Robin. I replied more fully on Thonie’s blog.


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