Thanksgiving Table Manners : Photo Friday

I couldn’t resist reblogging this link from Deborah Taylor French, especially for Thanksgiving! Thanks, Deborah!

Dog Leader Mysteries

By Deborah Taylor-French

Dear Readers,

Thanks for peeking in, following or liking my blog, I am thankful for you, dear reader. Plus I am also thankful for a world full of wonderful pets, and for my friend, editor, and often photographer, Marc Hoffman.

So easy to forget that each moment of life is a gift, especially at difficult or painful times. I am glad to have enjoyed the privilege of writing, taking photographs and thinking of stories to share with you on Dog Leader Mysteries.

I just discovered that my brilliant-thinking great-niece, continues to write her own stories and poems, which she publishes on a private blog!

Spending time with my darling twelve-year-old great-niece, I learned she remembered when she was five or six, sharing a sleepover in my mother’s home. My great-niece and I are early risers, up at 6 A.M.

Of course my great-niece asked me, “What are you doing?”

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Table Manners : Photo Friday

  1. Thanks Robin, now that you have reblogged my post, I see copy errors, sorry, Those must have slipped by my editor.


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