Daily Prompt: Humble Pie

I love this idea of eating humble pie! What a contrast for our holiday feasts.

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4 Responses to Daily Prompt: Humble Pie

  1. Geez, did I eat humble pie!
    After finishing the 2013 NaNoWriMo.org challenge for writing a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days I felt quite happy to have tackled a new-for-me genre: a fairy tale.
    Yes, I made my 50300 word count on the 30th of November, as per the NaNo challenge. Still feeling excited about my story, I looked at it again today, (December 1st.)
    Now here is where the humble pie is served to me on a big plate. I found these lines I had typed into my story:
    (The one of the fairy lines is waiting to come up with a new detective novel. Oh dear! Falling asleep again! “))
    And that is exactly how I typed it into my story, parenthesis marks and all. Ha, ha on me! Mmm, that humble pie tastes yummy.


  2. jeannejusaitis says:

    I’m afraid that my humble pie story is not only embarassing but possibly litigious. Hey, that might be a good first sentence. Never mind.


  3. jeannejusaitis says:

    Oops, time for some more pie. I spelled embarrassing incorrectly. I should know that there’s an r between the bar and the ass.


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