Travel Mystery for Kids

Author J.L. Jusaitis writes a travel mystery series for middle grades students. I’m sure your kids and students will be intrigued with this story set in modern Austria. Her next novel in the series is set in France. .

Journey to Anderswelt gives us new characters who follow their hearts and use
their heads to solve the search for the Celtic goddess Danu. Nearsighted Lulu’s intuition and smarts help her lead the  team of teens in their quest to thwart the money-grubbing takeover of the fragile environment around Saltzburg, Austria. Lulu’s friends Chloe, Morey and Greg, each with their unique problems and talents, bring their own perspectives
to help stop the potential ruin of the area’s beauty. There’s a horse who aids
in their journey, a fantasmic stag and a simple duck and goose who may assist
them with some of their clues. JL Jusaitis uses humor splashed with touches of
fright and emotional growth to introduce the reader to this tantalizing travel
mystery. Maps, Celtic and German word lists add to the reader’s enjoyment. It
all starts in a bone cave….and then there’s the problem of the DARK.

This is one of the 50+ book reviews I’ve written. One at a time, I’ll post them to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do.–Robin Cleary Moore

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