Cooking Disaster with Penelope

Penelope’s Secret Cooking Club  —  Is there a secret to keep?

by Robin Hutchinson

IS THERE A SECRET TO KEEP? bubbles over with fun when PENELOPE’S SECRET COOKING CLUB takes over her mom’s spotless kitchen one afternoon. The surprises Penelope encounters when her “new friends” show up in her kitchen to help relieve boredom, keep the reader guessing as to which dish could possibly turn out worse. The sticky, fun mess with a resulting yummy pizza makes Penelope’s adventure in the kitchen quite an amusing read. But will they be able to clean up the huge mess? Phew! Kid friendly recipes wrap up this story for kids ages 6-10. This fun first book in author Robin Hutchinson’s PENELOPE’S SECRET COOKING CLUB series makes the reader’s mouth water for more. I hear Penelope and Robin are soon taking their 2nd story out of the oven and are cooking up their 3rd story in the series.

This is one of the 50+ book reviews I’ve written. One at a time, I’ll post them to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do.–Robin Cleary Moore

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3 Responses to Cooking Disaster with Penelope

  1. Penelope’s stories sound like a great fit for 7 year old Allie. Thanks for posting your review, Robin.


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