Meany Mrs. Feeney

Mrs. Feeney and the Grubby Garden Gang  written by Sandy Baker is an excellent picture book for children, ages six to nineMrs Feeny cover years. The story enlightens the reader with the way a neighborhood problem is solved by working together. The result is a beautiful garden for them all to enjoy while the children continue their shortcut through Mrs. Feeney’s garden. The children gain pride in having helped plant the garden and come to realize Mrs. Feeney is nice after all.

Gorgeous artwork by Jim DeWitt bursts forth to portray Mrs. Feeney’s colorful garden. Author Sandy Baker writes a series of fiction books in which children may learn gardening techniques. She has also written a gardening coloring book for kids, with both English and Spanish editions. A Master Gardener for Sonoma County, Sandy Baker has vast experience in educating gardeners. —Robin Moore

Here are the links for just two of her kids’ gardening books.

With author Tom Reed she also co-wrote the thriller The Tehran Triangle

Her blog:

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3 Responses to Meany Mrs. Feeney

  1. writersandy says:

    Thanks, Robin! It’s always nice to get a plug from a good friend who happens to be a good writer, too. Mrs. Feeny thanks you as well. They put her drought tolerant garden in just in time!!


  2. jeannejusaitis says:

    Every kid must have had a meany meany Mrs. Feeny in their neighborhood. I did . . . we stole her kumquats. Too bad I didn’t profit from her skills, like the beautifully illustrated kids did in this book. Sandy Baker is a prolific writer, who is willing to share her gardening secrets in an entertaining and humorous way.


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