Some Trashy Novel

Hmmm, we just experienced another Valentines Day. Perhaps your love life is less than stellar? I predict that Arlene Miller’s (aka JoJo Baker) story Trashy Novel, may be the chuckle you need.

I favor short book reviews. (Have you guessed I appreciate brevity in reviews?) To give the reader more information about the same books I have read, I often add  a review written by someone else, with their permission of course. Below I’ve included a review written by my daughter about  Trashy Novel by JoJo Baker.  Thanks, Kathy, for letting me borrow your review:

Loved everything about this book! Could not and did not put it down. Well written, attention keeping for every line, humorous, witty and fun. Would give more than 5 stars if possible!  Ready for more please, JoJo Baker!–Kathleen A. Moore

And my review:

TRASHY NOVEL by JoJo Baker is a fun, quirky read. Strictly for entertainment, it tells Trashy coverthe often crazy sounding year of four college freshmen girls through the eyes of the protagonist, Kate. How could a story turn out any more bizarre?–Robin Moore

JoJo Baker is the pen name of author Arlene Miller when she writes fiction. She is well known for her simple-to-use grammar books:

You may want to check out her blog:

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2 Responses to Some Trashy Novel

  1. Thanks, Robin! I appreciate it! I am “coming out” and will reveal who I am by having the novel for sale as a PDF on my website! My webmeister is working on it now!


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