4 Harsh Truths That Will Help You Sell More Books

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If you’re one of those people who knows everything already, you can leave now. You won’t need any advice from someone who worked his way up from sleeping on the back seat of his car to getting mainstream published in 11 languages.

Ok, for everyone still reading, here’s those 4 harsh truths:

1) You have to work at seducing people into reading your book.

Ok, some of you do it naturally, you have the gift, but for the rest of us, we have to make the package attractive, go to the right places and play the right games, smiling all the way. That means, making your blog sparkle, not crappy and unreadable, getting your name out far and wide and creating compelling, seductive posts about your book, every week.

2) You’re either a bitter writer or a motivated writer.

I don’t care how many rejections you got, if you’re still alive you can write, you…

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