What I Learned From A Windmill


Face the wind; Bring up the deep water; Look around; Be reliable; Be an oasis; Do what you do best; Don’t lose your head;
Bring up the water from under your tower; Adapt;
Accept help when you need it;
There is no sense in hiding from a storm;
Without you someone might not make it;
It’s okay to be unique; Live for the long – term;
Stay in the wind; Reach higher anyway;
The wind blows harder the higher you go.
–Author Unknown
–Thanks go to Terry Jantzen, Kansas, for supplying me this copy.

Eli Windmill on display at the Shattuck Windmill Museum & Park in Oklahoma.

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2 Responses to What I Learned From A Windmill

  1. As I read, I thought of you coming up with the words and taking it to heart! I love it, no matter the author. Thanks for post it.


  2. Thanks, Arletta! I think it offered good advice for anyone.


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