Returned to Owner: joyful dog + family

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What a story plus a happy ending!

This true story comes from animal lover, dog rescuer and Redwood Writer, Brigid Wasson. I highly recommend you find and friend Brigid on Facebook and visit her Website. I posted Brigid Wasson’s bio sketch and links to her Facebook Pages at the bottom.

Brigid Wasson wrote on Facebook.

Tonight renewed my faith in the “RTO (Return To Owner) Program” that Sue Padgett and I started so long ago. Too little emphasis is placed on owner reclaims of “stray” pets in shelters, something I am working hard to change.

A young couple was in a major car accident, leaving the woman disabled and in a wheelchair. Without transportation and unable to work, they fell on hard times after the accident. They had to move in with a relative who later kicked them out, and the person they trusted to care for their dog…

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2 Responses to Returned to Owner: joyful dog + family

  1. Thank you Brigid Wasson and Deborah Taylor-French for sharing this wonderful story of reunion. It is my pleasure to repost your blog post.


  2. Thank you Robin for re-blogging this story, so glad you liked it enough to share on your blog. Did I suggest you read Paul Hanover’s WordPress blog? If not, visit “Learning from Dogs.” Paul is a horse owner and trail rider too. So we three share more than our love of dogs.


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