Unconventional Tips for Reading Your Book Aloud

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Last week, Redwood Writers had an author launch for 18 of its authors who published over the last year, and I was lucky enough to be one of those 18. Part of the event involved my reading five minutes of my book, Anaheim Tales. I had heard tips for open mics before, so I read slowly and with verve, but now that the event is over, I have some less conventional tips to share.

1. Schedule a massage for the exact moment your reading event ends.

I didn’t think I was nervous to read. I didn’t feel nervous. I had spoken on stage many times as a band teacher and never been nervous. However, while I was walking back to my seat after reading, my left eye began to twitch. It is still twitching. The event was five days ago.

2. Don’t read a stupid passage.

When, in the weeks…

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