Love Comes at Twilight

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In honor of my writer friend Kay Mehl Miller’s continuing quest to help us better  understand life through her books, today I bring you book reviews from writers Alla Crone and Arletta Dawdy. We all need to remember Miller’s poignant messages that life goes on, and we can continue to thrive. I hope you will enjoy Love Comes at Twilight.

By Alla Hayden on May 26, 2014

Format: Paperback

This is a must-read novel not only for seniors, but the younger generations as well, who should realize that new love is possible in old age. This book is Kay Miller’s remarkable achievement in that she succeeded in telling a heart-warming story of budding love bridging two seniors whose casual acquaintance over the Internet grows into an emotional relationship and blossoms into love. Told with candor and subtle humor, Kay keeps the reader hooked to the very end wondering if these two lonely people will ever unite.

Alla Crone
Author of Captive Of Silence

By Arletta Dawdy on August 13, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition

An extraordinary and ageless love story fills the pages of LOVE COMES AT TWILIGHT. Kay Miller and Al Francis paint word pictures that stir the emotions, challenge preconceived notions and have the power to move the reader to tears, anguish and hilarity. Carol and El’s love-match starts in cyperspace, in an online bridge game. The evolution is tentative at first as the octogenarians grope their way forward. Shaking their heads across nearly 2000 miles, neither quite trusts the evolution of their love. He’s caught in a “dead” marriage to a woman he wished he’d divorced thirty years earlier but is now saddled with as her Alzheimers advances. Carol lost the love of her life and had no expectation of loving again and, clearly, not to love so completely. Both have health issues that compromise their lives; Ellis’ respiratory infection threatens his life. As with any new love, the couple struggles for honesty and clarity not quite believing what they are experiencing, even as their sexual urges are aroused.

The writing approaches poetic in places and cuts deeply into the exploration of the individuals’ feelings and intellects. He learns to cut lose some binding ties to an old friend, she discovers long-distance jealousy and together they weave a relationship of hope. Carol finds support and care within her women’s group for the doubts and questions raised by her growing love for El. For this reader, the group and Carol’s story mirrors my own group and the sharing that occurs within it.
A touching story of vulnerabilities and daring, LOVE COMES AT TWILIGHT is a very special reading experience.

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3 Responses to Love Comes at Twilight

  1. This is a lovely book!


  2. Robin. Thanks for giving Kay’s wonderful book a wider exposure. She deserves it..


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