Challenge Coins for Firefighters

I am taking a short break from writing about horses, writing or reading. I have two posts on Firefighters to share. Today, the Cloverdale Fire District celebrates their 130th anniversary.

Let’s hope you never have to use the services of your local fire department. —Robin

Cloverdale Fire District  Celebrates 130th Anniversary With  Coins

Inspiration comes in many forms. When Steven Allred, Volunteer Engineer for Cloverdale Fire District learned about challenge coins he was inspired to suggest the district begin to use such coins back in 2010 as an overall representation of unity.

According to Allred, history shows that challenge coins were frequently handed out to military personnel during WWI, but use of such coins is documented as far back as Roman times for their military use. Traditionally given to boost morale and prove membership, the coins also became a form of identification when the person was challenged to show their coin.

After learning the historical significance of the medallions, Allred was inspired to urge Cloverdale Fire District to draft and handout their first challenge coins to their members. The face side of Cloverdale Fire’s original coin depicts their historic seal, which pictures a firefighter carrying a child from a burning building. The coin represents their motto of serving, and their core values of readiness, integrity, dedication, example, and professionalism. That historic seal, while based on an old fashioned style of painting, aptly reflects CFD’s history dating back to their origin in 1886.

For Cloverdale Fire District’s 130th Anniversary Celebration, which will be held on May 21st downtown at the plaza, the district came up with a new challenge coin designed to commemorate their history with the community. The new coin has Northern Sonoma County and Cloverdale written on the front, an apt representation for the approximate 75 square miles the district protects and serves.

The new coin’s colorful artwork represents three key elements, a bear, a Maltese cross, and fire axes. He explained the bear represents the people, (a long standing California tradition,) the fire axes signify readiness and the ability to serve the public, and the Maltese cross represents protection and a badge of honor.CFD 135 Year Coin Front-SCFD 135 Year Coin Back-S

After conferring with Fire Chief Jason Jenkins, it was decided that past members of Cloverdale Fire will be recognized on stage for their service and presented with 130 Year Anniversary Celebration coins.

Allred explained the May 21st anniversary celebration ties back in to Cloverdale Fire District’s request of the community. The district still seeks the names of past fire volunteers who may not currently be on their historic rosters. They don’t want to miss anyone.—Robin Moore

Photo caTom Gurries and Steven Allred Coin-Sption: 

Steven Allred presents past Cloverdale fire volunteer Tom Gurries with anewly minted fire department coin.




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  2. I’m glad to read that you have written for the Cloverdale fire department. Great to learn of their efforts to gather every volunteer firefighter’s name to add to Cloverdale historical knowledge.


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