In that lull between spring and summer one of the best way to enjoy life is to venture out into nature and appreciate it. Gracie and I found a spot where the wild oats were up as tall as her back. Yes, it was a good Spring.

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14 Responses to Appreciation

  1. Rafael, from All Spiritual Things, the Blog says:

    Wow. Brief but beautiful post and photo. Fills the heart and makes me smile. Thank you, Robin!

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  2. Melissa Bold says:

    Don’t get lost in there! How far is this from the house ??

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  3. There’s a big with Wild Oats in the titlle , a history of Sonoma County. The oats are so feathery which enhances the beauty of the photo.

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  4. It looks wonderful! It is a lovely season 🙂

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  5. jeannejusaitis says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful! Sow those wild oats while you can. Or not.


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