Summer Time

Lin Nee's Foxy Lady 039

For summer I’m taking a break from writing to get back in the saddle. How about you?


About robinofrockridge

I write books for kids.
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4 Responses to Summer Time

  1. Arletta Dawdy says:

    Hi Robin,, I’m getting some organizing and reading done for Book #4…at a nail’s pace; being a part-time taxi driver for my granddaughter and heading to OR in a week!
    Enjoy your rides!

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  2. M.L. Millard says:

    I’ll write as the Spirit leads. I have plenty of time, but I’m also focusing on getting more students into my jazz class for high school girls, and I’m playing a few gigs with a band called Awesome Hotcakes, which is fun. Happy riding!

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