Horses and rain

Why is it that many horses prefer to stand out in the rain? Mine for one.

I went out to feed Willa on Christmas day in a heavy downpour. Extra carrots and an apple decorated her alfalfa pellets along with a smidgeon of grain for a holiday feast.  I called her and put the feed in her rubber tub in the barn. She bucked and came galloping in and, well, started eating like a horse. I checked her over and scratched her belly and her favorite spot at her withers. As soon as I left, she exited the barn and looked around in the rain and wind—while still munching. Keeping her body outside in the rain, Willa reached back in and with her teeth pulled her feed tub back to the doorway. That’s the way she finished her Christmas dinner—in the rain.

It’s not just the holidays; she does this every time it rains. On clear days she gets her feed down by the fence. Yes, out in the open.  She’s just a nature girl who’d just as soon live like a horse.

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11 Responses to Horses and rain

  1. Valerie Kasnick says:

    Could it be that all the flies are hanging out in the barn ~ they sure wouldn’t be out in the rain!!


  2. We don’t have any flies now. Think they went south.
    Willa is just a nature girl. It’s a good thing she grows a thick winter haircoat.


  3. Love your vivid writing Robin. I could picture your horse and it was fun for me! Looking forward to you finishing your novel and being able to interview you on my author’s blog. Fondly, Jeane
    PS Fantastic newsletter…..a lot of hard work on your part!


  4. OH, Robin, this is too funny and sweet. I figure she has a special connection to the cosmos of rain goddesses and just must get out and dance with them!


  5. Jeanne Jusaitis says:

    Merry Christmas to Willa. She’s lucky to have such a good mom who understands her horsey ways. Thank you for this charming little horse tale.


  6. Gary Johnson says:

    Hi Robin;
    That is so true of some horses, out of my 4 one loves to be in the rain one will always take shelter and be dry as a bone and the other two don’t care. Cute story I can relate.


  7. Julie A. Winrich says:

    Some horses like in the barn, others like outside. Whatever makes them happy!


  8. Tonight I gave her a double-flake of hay in the back of the stall. I hoped it would entice her to stay in the barn long enough to eat the hay.
    Nope–she left as soon as she finished her alfalfa pellets and grain–which she had again pulled to the door so she could still stand outside. Go figure!


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