I’m In Love Again

I’m in love again. And, yes, Kevin is partly responsible for this new love. Here she is:

 Meet Lynnie, (or maybe Gracie)

Over the last six weeks I’d been looking for a second horse to ride. Annette and Sandy were traveling around with me while we looked at horses in Northern California. (Sandy is still in the market for a new horse.) My goals were to find a solid, well broke, very dependable 2nd horse–not too old, nor too young– that my sister Melissa, or friend Annette could come ride with me. Or maybe Suzanne, Linda or Sue would ride. I’m tired of riding Willa alone. There’s only so much conversation Willa and I can carry on without boring each other.

So what did I end up with? A two year old grulla AQHA filly who’s had 30 days of riding. Whoa! How far off my goals could I get? Here’s a photo that helped me decide on Lynnie/Gracie:

This photo was taken when she’d had about 20 days of riding. That’s the trainer, Craig Wright, up on her bareback. The filly walked out well around his yard while the trainer’s 3 year old son zoomed around on his electric Jeep. She didn’t give a hoot about “kid commotion”. While I hadn’t gone to look at this filly, that made me realize she has the quiet Quarter Horse disposition I was looking for. Yes, yes, I know–you’re saying “but she’s a two year old”. Yes, that’s true. However, I’m not a stranger to riding green horses, as I started my first filly when I was twelve. (Keep in mind I’d already been riding for 12 years.)
It’s the disposition and “brains” between the ears that means the most to me when I’m looking for a new horse. Next in line is good feet and legs along with a pretty head. A gorgeous eye and balanced conformation helps too.
All in all Lynnie/Gracie, or whatever her barn names turns out to be, best fit what I was looking for. So Kevin consulted some friends and then negotiated a price with Bill. He bought her for my birthday, even though it’s still a few weeks away.
“Thank you, Kev! You’re a love!”
I swear since I first saw her on April 30th she’s already grown a lot. She’ll have most of the summer off for growing time. In the mean time, she loves being out in the pasture with Willa.

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I write books for kids.
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19 Responses to I’m In Love Again

  1. Valerie Kasnick says:

    So thrilled for you!! Let me know when you ride down toward SR ~ I can usually go out and would love to ride with you again and keep you company!

    Best of luck with your new buddy!


  2. Dom says:

    So happy for you! Better to get something young and sane to break yourself than something older with issues. She’s super cute. Can’t wait to hear more about her.


  3. Robin,
    This is lovely news for you and for Willa…a playmate for both with some hard work thrown in? Kevin is a true love, that’s for sure. Have you considered keeping him?


  4. Sonja says:

    She’s lovely! I love the kid proof part. Not easy to find.


  5. Dear Robin, This is the Jim T. Lindsey whose blog you commented on. Very interesting your love for horses. I’m in Nova Scotia now doing ocean rowing but came from a ranch in Texas and grew up riding quarter horses and working cattle. And my parents now live in northern California, along with my sister Leigh Anne. I hope you saw the answer I posted to your comment on my rowga blog. I look forward to hearing from you again. Jim


  6. Hi Jim,
    Actually I know Leigh Anne. She and I are both in the Redwood Writers branch of the CWC. She’s been doing such a good job of promoting your eBook that I downloaded it as one of my 1st purchases on my new Kindle. It’s on my list of “to read,” but have a couple of Kid Lit books in line 1st, since I write for kids.
    Yes, I’ve heard all about you two growing up in Texas, etc. Have tried to get Leigh Anne to one of our trail ride club meetings to get her ba connected w/ horses & horse people again, but she’s a busy gal. Even met your mom at a Redwood Writers Odd Month Reading last summer.
    Good luck w/ the ocean rowing! I’m finishing up reading “Treasure Island” (again!) on the new Kindle. Had forgotten how exciting that ocean going story is for kids and adults.


  7. OK, everyone, looks like the filly’s name is now Gracie. That got the most positive results from the family, so “Gracie” she is.


    • Gracie is a perfect name. I’d vote for that too. What a darling it seems she is. Congratulations. I loved riding as a kid, not so much now, but I shall enjoy reading about your adventures.


  8. Robin, I’m happy you’re in love with your new horse and planning on bringing trail riders along with you. What a fun plan for summer and fall! I am hoping winter is short this year


  9. Mickey Delmas says:

    Gracie is a lucky horse to have found such a loving home.
    I look forward to meeting her and I’m happy for you Robin!


  10. Terry Jantzen says:

    Robin, Good for you to be back in the saddle again. Hay that would make a good song. See you next week.


  11. Barb says:

    The last meeting was so hectic I didn’t have time to ask about your new critter. Beautiful! Can’t wait to ride with you again! Sounds like she is perfect! Like she’ll be another Joe (only a mare of course). Do anything and everything willingly and with a bit heart. 🙂 So happy for you.


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