Okay, it’s time to admit I’ve been stalled in my writing. I wouldn’t call it a writer’s block, because I can manage to write for the Redwood Writers newsletter, news articles, on other people’s blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. It’s my own stories that I’m stalled on.

Willa and I have both been “stalled”, as the term goes. Although, remember she’s the horse who hates being in the barn, so she’s free to roam the pasture. I received news from the veterinarian this week that Willa essentially needs to be retired from her present job of being my trail riding partner. The bummer thing is, she’s only nine years old. (Unfortunately, she was born with bad legs.)

Going out to ride has most often been the spiritual lift I need to get my inner self back on the positive trail of life. I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately while waiting for the spring weather to clear.

I love to read too, besides writing and riding. When I’m in this kind of a stalled mood with my personal spirit, I can’t read the thriller, mysteries, or other intense books. I need comedy, self help and fun reads. So I experienced my first vicarious thrill of downloading a book that I wanted to read RIGHT NOW. I downloaded The Diva Doctrine by Patricia V. Davis, and started reading it immediately. It’s going to be my kick-in-the-pants, fun look at myself that will help me get back to working on my stories, even if I can’t get back in my saddle right now.

I’ll give you a report when I’m done. Happy trails and tales.

Hope you enjoy this photo of Kathy and Willa in the pasture.

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12 Responses to Stalled

  1. Jennifer says:

    That is terrible news about Willa … I am so sorry for you both. Such a beautiful horse.


  2. Thanks, Jennifer.
    Hopefully we can find a new career for Willa on flat lands.
    She’s ok on the flats, but just can’t do downhill any more–or shouldn’t anyway.


  3. Barb says:

    Such a bummer! I was hoping it was going to be better news like a temporary thing. Looks like you may be looking for 2 horses? Great picture of Kathy and Willa. Hope to see you up at McCutchans at least maybe for dinner? Sat night is ribs, potato salad – mmmm. Plus whatever you all bring to the potluck.


  4. Patricia says:

    How can you say you’re stalled when you wrote a great blog post with such cool imagery like this one? Sometimes, we don’t hav e to wait for the one great big IDEA to write, you know? Just writing what we experience every day can be enough.

    And BTW- thanks for the plug on my book. : )


    • That’s just it….I can write about everything else but am “stalled” on the rewrites of my novels. Maybe that’s it, just write about the “everythings” until my rewrites come back?
      You’re welcome on your book plug! It really is just the kick my spirit needs now.


  5. Mark Adair says:

    Nicely done, Robin. Stalled…much better than blocked. 🙂 How about detoured? Temporarily detained? On novel creating vacation…


  6. Thanks! Stalled works for horses, too. Don’t you think, Mark?


  7. Jeanne Jusaitis says:

    I totally get the “stalled” feeling. It seems that I’m in one stall or another. Right now I’m not in a writing stall but in a house stall. Then there’s the bills stall . . . oh yeah, and the diet stall. I guess I’m going to have to get me a barn.


    • Jeanne, you’re too funny w/ the barn comment. (Actually your carport could double as a “run-in shed”. That’s sort of like a 1/2 barn!)
      I’ve been trying to avoid the update-the-bills-on-the-computer stall. They’re paid but entering them on the computer is another “chore”. Thanks!


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