Sandy Baker’s video

I hope you enjoy Sandy Baker’s YouTube video book trailer for Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang. Please leave Sandy a comment.

In Mrs.Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang, Sandy combines two passions: writing and
gardening. Throw some annoying neighborhood kids into the mix with a
lady who desperately tries to keep her front lawn tidy, and there’s a plot
begging to be written. Sandy said the seed for the book actually took place
back in the 70s with the purchase of their first home which was on a corner.
Kids invariably cut across it on foot or bike, though her turning on the
sprinkler didn’t deter them! Sandy says she did not morph into a Mrs. Feeny.
This 32-page 8″ x 10″ hardcover picture book was illustrated by Jim
DeWitt who teaches an art class entitled “Don’t Be Afraid of Color.”
One kid asked recently why the kids have paint all over their clothes. Well,
they don’t; it’s just Jim’s freestyle painting with gouache. Sandy calls her
style “factual fiction”–a meld of gardening
facts with plot; she added a one-page glossary at the end, useful for
reading the book and also for completing the Mrs. Feeny crossword puzzle on her
She calls her blog “Garden Plots,” with each post a rave or a rant
about some current gardening topic. You can also see Mrs. Feeny star in a 70
second  video on YouTube:
Sandy published Mrs. Feeny through her independent company, Butterfly
Books, and had it printed by Lightning Source Inc.  She created her
website using Apple’s iWeb software. The challenge now, besides selling books,
she says, is marketing them and figuring out how to use all the current social
outlets without doing something stupid.

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2 Responses to Sandy Baker’s video

  1. Hi Sandy,
    This is a delightful video but is that a gun or a water nozzle in Mrs. Feeney’s hand!? I hope you’ll be at the next Redwood Writers meeting because I’d like to buy 1 or 2 copies from you.
    You’ve sure done a great job of getting your work to market!


  2. Thanks, Arletta. Didn’t she do a great job with the video?
    I already have my copy of Mrs. Feeny, autographed too!


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