Mutt Monday: The Zen of Australian Shepherds

Here’s a “borrowed” post from my writer friend (& co-Redwood Writer,) Deborah Taylor French. Thanks, Deborah for sharing your “Mutt Monday” blog post. Robin

Mutt Monday: The Zen of Australian Shepherds.

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3 Responses to Mutt Monday: The Zen of Australian Shepherds

  1. Thank you Robin and Deborah, That little blind Aussie is adorable, as are the doggies in that wonderful video. My sweet little Cavalier, Lulu, died on Christmas Eve. It’s heart breaking, but at least I know that I gave her a good life. I’m glad that you explained about the exercise that’s so important to the Austrailian Shepherd. Whereas my little spaniel was bred to be a comfort dog, this one was bred to be in the open plains. We all need to do our homework before deciding on a certain type of dog that will be a long term commitment.


    • Thanks, Jeanne, for your comments on Deborah’s doggie blog re-post. I sure was sorry to hear about Lulu. She was such a sweet little dog!
      And thank you, Deborah Taylor-French for permission to “borrow” your blog post on the Australian Shepards. Wonderful dogs, but yes, they are “workers”. So smart too!


  2. Thanks for sharing my post Robin. It happens to be a favorite of mine. I hope to get up to that Aussie Rescue for a visit. And Jeanne, I’m sorry you lost your beloved dog.

    I have a lapdog (cocker spaniel and poodle mix) who has the energy of five puppies. He just has to go, go, go. Smart too. Sometimes – TOO SMART.

    I’ve been thinking of writing a few posts on doing our homework before bringing home a pet. Dogs tend to be very different depending on breed, size and personality. And even lapdogs can get bored. They love fresh adventures (however how small).


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