Redwood Riders

Howdy Y’all,

Just found this website for Redwood Riders horse club in Mendocino County. I know this club has been around for a looooong time, since I went to some of their events and trail rides when I was a kid. (Everyone knows I’m old as dirt! Ha!) So check them out on the web. They have some gymkhanas and horse shows coming up for spring/summer 2012.

I recall going on at least two trail rides with the REDWOOD RIDERS when I was a kid living in Mendocino County. My sisters and I also rode in some of their gymkhanas, although the games were never much of our thing. It was still fun though.

Speaking of gymkhana fun, the REDWOOD RIDERS do have a gymkhana scheduled for June 2nd at their arena in Redwood Valley. I hope some of our Redwood Empire Trail Riders will be able to attend and enjoy the day’s fun.  Here’s their FaceBook  link:!/redwoodridershorse


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