Sebastopol Wranglers

We’re on a mission here. As members of the Redwood Empire Trail Riders horse club, we’re out to help promote other horse clubs in our area.

Today we offer the link to the Sebastopol Wranglers, also here in Northern California. Like the Redwood Riders, that I featured yesterday, The SEBASTOPOL WRANGLERS have been around a long time. Yes, I rode at their arena too when I was a kid. Here’s the link to their website:  And here is their link on FaceBook:

Speaking of “kids,” I may take Gracie to the Sebastopol Wranglers schooling show on June 2nd. No, we’re not entering any classes–we just plan to hang out for the day with them. I think it’ll be a good experience for her, as a three-year-old, to just absorb the day’s energy and cheer the others on.

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2 Responses to Sebastopol Wranglers

  1. Robin,
    Following in the heels of Frank Sinatra, you are the Great Communicator ! This is a very nice thing you are doing in acknowledging other riding clubs. Great picture, ready for a long ride.


  2. Frank Sinatra? Did he ride? Ha, ha, ha! Thanks, Arletta!


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