Ramblings, Characters, part 6-Robert Pen Dragon Ball

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Due to technical issues there are no illustrations with this post. Check back Wednesday for more stories behind the badge.

By Hal Collier
LAPD Retired
We are pleased to feature Hal’s reminiscences.

The following story is true. Some may find this short story a bit morbid, but you have to put yourself in the shoes of a street cop looking for a bad guy, keeping in mind officer safety issues. The character may be only known to a few officers as he flew under the radar. He wasn’t a crook, but a colorful drunk.

Robert Pen Dragon Ball.

First the story.
Officers often get alarms at closed businesses and find burglars have broken into the building. The first step is to request the additional cops to secure the perimeter and then they have to search the interior. Some buildings are multiple stories and some are small in area but have…

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4 Responses to Ramblings, Characters, part 6-Robert Pen Dragon Ball

  1. Robin, I loved this and posted a little story of my own on Thonie’s blog if you want to check it out.


  2. Robin,
    Thanks for the re-post!


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