The White Horse of Uffington

Ghost Cities

Although chalk figures appear in many places throughout the world, there is one region in particular that has a wealth of them. Mighty figures of men with clubs, ogres and rampant steeds, acres in extent, and visible across great counties, decorate the hillsides in Southern England. Horses are especially abundant, with the finest of them to be found in Berkshire. This is the Uffington White Horse, located just two miles south of the tiny village of Uffington in the Berkshire Downs. It lies at the centre of a cluster of well-known landmarks thick with folkloric and literary associations, including the Neolithic barrow Wayland’s Smithy, of which much is told in Walter Scott’s Kenilworth, the pre-Roman Ridgeway, a hill fort called Uffington Castle, and the naturally flat-topped Dragon Hill, where Saint George is said to have slain the dragon. While the Uffington White Horse is a majestic creature measuring approximately 360 by 130 feet…

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3 Responses to The White Horse of Uffington

  1. Hi Robin, I enjoyed the article on the chalk figures, especially about the Huffington horse. What struck me was the artistry of the design, despite the author’s refutation. I could see Miro, Picasso or other early 20th century artists rendering such in a painting. Then, of course, it might be a question of which came first! The idea of a “scouring” would be fun to take part in, don’t you think?


  2. Wasn’t that fascinating, Arletta? Loved it!


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