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The Good Old Boys

Author Elmer Kelton started writing The Good Old Boys while his father was still able to retell the stories from his former ranching and cowboy days. Those stories inspired Kelton to write The Good Old Boys. He created the character … Continue reading

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Jealousy Takes A Bite

            Jealousy is an ugly emotion no matter what type of critter is expressing it. We all know the human clichés depicting jealousy’s vengeful stares, back stabbing, and plotted revenge to right a perceived hurt. But is the supposed cause … Continue reading

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For Valentine’s Day: Good As It Gets

The following poem is by Sandy Baker. She previously published it in the Redwood Empire Trail Riders newsletter, the Roadapple Gazette. This ties in well with Valentine’s Day and hints at spring not far away. We all know that cold-backed horse … Continue reading

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Lewis Buzbee workshop/writing for kids & more

Here’s a message from Jeanne Miller for anyone interested in writing for kids, or those who want to know more about writing fiction. (WE NEED MORE HORSE STORIES FOR KIDS! –Robin) Dear Redwood Community, I’d like to encourage you to sign … Continue reading

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Post a Week 2011

Happy New Year! I decided to accept the Word Press challenge to post once a week during 2011. My original intent with my blog was  to post once every two weeks. Let’s go for the once a week goal. Some of … Continue reading

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The Story of Period and Comma by Arlene Miller

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